Innovative firehose maintenance equipment

Crico Engineering


Crico Engineering cleans and dries your hoses in no time!

Crico Engineering was founded in 1999. The company obtained the D27 & D28 classifications as a registered contractor.

Under the leadership of Christian Pollet Crico Engineering was disconnected from the other companies in 2009 allowing it to run its own course, with success.

Crico Engineering is specialised in special applications for the maintenance of fire hoses and other fire fighting equipment: from a traditional hose cleaning system with drying tower to modern compact hose washing machines to clean, test, dry and roll up fire hoses.

We feel very strongly about quality, linked to a solid service.

We guarantee an A to Z service: from meetings with engineering offices and architects to setting up a system and the final delivery. The many references and our years of expertise will surely convince you.